Let's just get into it.
Teen years continued~When I was 16 years old I got fed up with not being allowed to do anything or go anywhere. Strict parents SUCKED!... So I decided to leave, I wanted freedom (what a joke). I decided to run "far" away (I was 3 blocks from my house lol). I was literally home sick the whole time I was away. I finally gave in after 3 days away, and 3 days with high fever (I said I was literally home sick). I stood home for a few days. Until I asked if I could go out with some friends for a while, and I was told no. I remember walking over to my mother, and telling her I am going out anyway. This was probably one of the times I should have listened to the NO.

The night my life started to take a turn.


I met someone that night. Little did I know this guy would change my life in a real way.
This guy was basically showing me the life I NEVER should have seen, but the thrill of things were just too much to say no to. It was all so wrong. YET all so new, and anything was better than being stuck home all the time (SMH). I started running away from home more often, just to be struggling in the streets with him and my friends. I think I did it more so to keep up with him, he was always in the streets. He was a bit older, I felt like I was missing out.
I slept in abandoned apartments, jumped out of two story buildings running from the police. Got stopped by the police just because they knew him. I was searched, put in the back seat of the police cars. Running and hiding from police helicopters. MAN! I was a good girl WHAT AM I DOING?
 I wasn't doing anything illegal I was just with the wrong person.
I met a lot of people I NEVER should have (Scary people). I was walking around the streets late at night till early mornings with friends, we had no rules and really no where to go. I was spending all my time with my friends, doing dumb stuff but it was exciting.... I guess. Was I really doing all of this for him? (Young and DUMB)

(Little side note, I started a continuation school where I met these new friends, they were either a year older then me or a little younger, but some didn't live at home any more, and some their parents just weren't on them so they were out at all hours, ok back to my story)

I had no parents to tell me anything. I was sleeping in abandoned apartments, freezing, not eating, fun right (SMH). I was 17years old. A couple of months passed with just doing nonsense. The one place we were staying at was not safe any more so we had to go.

This is the day I met his parents. (I think back on things and I just don't understand why I was so DUMB?) The first time I met his parents, they told him I couldn't come into the house if I didn't remove my nose piercing, and change the way I dressed. (I had a crop top and pants, OK!) I did it since I wanted a warm place to sleep. (At this time I was no longer allowed to go back home, parents were done with the back and forth I guess, disowned).

We ended up staying at his parents place. We were there for like a month or so, when the party ended.

One day he got upset with me, and pushed me into the wall and down to the floor. I was in so much shock, like wait this didn't just happen. He pushed me (mind you I have never seen any type of physical violence in my house hold). After he helped me get up he apologized, I was just stunned. I told him I was going to the restroom, but instead I ran out the house. It was late at night everything was closed, but I ran...  I remember him running after me down the block with no shoes till he stopped and went back home. I got to the corner of the street and hid, I knew he was going to come after me again. As I was hiding I realized I had no where to go, no one to call.
I let him find me.

Things didn't stop there they just got worse. He started taking his frustration out on me every chance, but now it was him actually hitting me. I had enough I mean waking up with a gun to your face will make you double think things. I went home and apologized and asked to come home. Parents tried to be tough and cold, but when I hugged my dad and said please let me home. He couldn't ignore me or turn his back. (I can picture this day to the T, my dad was fixing the kitchen sink, and I just rushed behind him and hugged him tight)

I'm back home, YES!

Things didn't end here though, we were still together just staying together. I was scared to leave he had already threatened me. He had already BROKEN me. I WAS SCARED!

One morning he was over my parents house and no one was home. I don't know what upset him, I was in the living room and he just started hitting me and throwing me around the room. I remember running to the hall and grabbing the phone, but I didn't know who I was going to call (the police?). He was even more upset since I grabbed the phone. Just when I thought it was over he grabbed my head and slammed his knee in my face. I just remember crying and thinking damn why isn't anyone here to help me. Now I was even more scared because I thought how the hell am I going to hide this. My parents got home my mom was upset with me since I didn't do my chores.  I came out my room my face was so swollen you couldn't even recognize me. Damn, just thinking back at it my face was so bad not sure how I didn't have anything broken It was so BAD. I remember my mom about to yell when she saw me she just said oh my GOD this is why you didn't clean up. She got on the phone I want to say she called an aunt. That was it she didn't say anything to me. Grabbed the phone and didn't say anything to me. I left that day no one stopped me. I went to my friends house, and stood with her. I didn't want to go back home until my face was no longer swollen.

Time passed I was back home now my face was no longer swollen. I just had a light black eye.

No one talked to me when I got back. No one stopped me from seeing him. No one..... HELPED me.

I mean no one not even my neighbors, they saw me getting dragged out a car by my hair, and beat no one did anything.

Time passed I was still seeing him, just not as often.
I remember him calling me late one night he cheated, and couldn't hide it so he had to come clean. Over the phone I'm brave I told him I was done. I stopped picking up the phone I didn't want to hear it. (I can finally be free of him).
The next day his friend showed up at my house, to tell me he OD and was in the hospital. UGH now I'm feeling guilty (he told me if I left him he would kill himself) I went to the hospital. Some how he made his way back to my house he spent the weekend. It was probably the first time in a long time I wasn't being hit. He was too weak I guess.
Well come Monday he told me he had a job and they were going to pick him up at my place early in the morning. I remember my mom calling me out my room saying they're taking him. I got up and my whole house was surrounded by the police. DAMN!!!!
He was put away and facing years.. DONE?...

Smarten up teen baby, things need to get better now.. Or? 


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