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I just want to write stuff down and see how this works out. Good or bad comments this is just me un-muting myself and speaking out loud. Hoping for no judgements. Just expressing myself, and putting out pieces of my life.. Let's just get into it. Is this where it all started?~ First time ~  I was 12 my mom allowed me to spend the night at my aunts house, and mind you I always looked older than what I was, because of my height I guess. I went with my aunt to the laundry mat. While we were there she was flirting with some man, she ended up exchanging numbers, and making plans to go out with him. We got back to her house and she told me she wanted me to go with her to see this man. I'm a  preteen  I was like well it's my aunt why not, I can't get in trouble. We got picked up at her place and surprise he had a friend with him. So I guess it was a double date (Confused face now) the man was like 30 years old, reminder I'm 12 and yes I said I looked older, but as